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Receive custom-made NFTs for your business, product or community through Creaticles

How Creaticles Works

Source your next NFT through a Creaticles contest. Make a request, and the artist community submits creations for you to choose from. These are the steps of how to use Creaticles


Make Your Request

Be descriptive and specify what NFTs you are seeking


Set Your Terms

Set a deadline and budget for your request and await for results


Select Your NFTs

Talented creators start creating your ideal NFT. Select your preferred NFTs and let Creaticles mint them for you

What Can Creaticles Do For Me?

Quality NFT

See What NFTs Are Being

Budget Fit

Set the price that fits you


Creaticles makes it short and
easy to request your NFTs

Earn a Living

Get paid doing what
you love

Choose Your Clients

Pick which projects to create

Free to Use

Create, mint
and submit

Are you a creator? Start earning now with Creaticles

Step 1

Access to Our Exclusive Launch

Step 2

See Available NFT Requests

Step 3

Create & Submit NFT Creations

Step 4

Receive Your Reward

Power your Creaticles experience

with the $CRE8 token

Govern in Community Decision-making

Premium Placement of Requests & Proposals

Stake Tokens to Earn Additional Rewards

Earn Your Community Reputation Through Mined $CRE8 Tokens

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