Request any custom NFT, and get it designed and minted.

Turn your idea for an NFT into an NFT. Creaticles helps you source amazing artists, create, and mint NFTs. All you need is an idea to get started. Creaticles handles everything from there.

How it works

Source your next NFT through a Creaticles contest. You put out a request, and our entire artist community submits ideas for you to choose from.

Type Your Request

Get descriptive, and tell our talented pool of NFT artists what sort of NFT you're looking to get designed.

Set Your Rules

Set the timeline for your contest, and deposit your crypto for winner rewards. Launch your request to the community!

Select Your NFTs!

Talented artists start creating your vision. Select your favorite NFTs, and they'll be minted and transfered to you.

Are you an artist? Start earning crypto with Creaticles.

Apply to be an artist on Creaticles. When you're accepted, you have access to every request that comes through Creaticles. By fulfilling requests, you will be able to earn crypto, earn the exclusive Creaticles token, and start building you reputation in the NFT space.

Power your Creaticles experience with the Creaticles token (not available yet; no public sales or pre-sales)

The Creaticles token allows you to fully leverage your experience on Creaticles, from premium placement to having a say in the future of the project.

Participate in governing the future of Creaticles

Premium placement of requests & proposals

Get a discount on any and all transaction fees

Earn additional crypto rewards by staking the token